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Racism For Dummies

“Don’t EVER let somebody make you feel less than who you are.  EVER!” This time, I started at the end, rather than the beginning.  I have always hated bullies.  Recently, I learned how someone else dealt with one and it made me smile.  I am writing this mostly for myself and the protagonist.  If you […]


Last week, I was on vacation and received two very disturbing but related e-mails that made me re-evaluate a great deal, both about myself and those I have known. Before I begin, some background is necessary. In December of 1975, I was in third grade at the local Catholic School.  My father was rushed to […]

The Ties That Bind

Leo Quigley.  The best there ever was. It was the summer of 1940 and the Bradley weekend activities had almost become a family tradition.  The extended family would break free from their beloved South Troy and gather at the camp near Crooked Lake to unwind.  The camp had been built by John Bradley and was […]


Gary Thornton was a friend of mine though I never knew him well.  We met in fourth grade and had classes together up until I left in ninth grade.  We did share a couple of memorable experiences that I was reflecting on recently when I saw him in a Little League team picture from the […]

The Miracle on Grass

You would think I would have learned most of the rules of lacrosse by now, but I haven’t.  Baseball?  No problem.  Basketball?  Easy.  Football?  Covered.  Soccer?  Same thing.  Those were the sports I grew up playing and watching so I learned them early on.  I might not have been very good at them, but I […]

How I Beat the Bank

Frustration and anger.  I had had enough of both and decided that something had to be done and I would do it even if it turned out to be an exercise in futility.  For over four years, I had been jerked around by banks that were quick to take money from the government to save […]

Roger’s Night Out

Just to be clear, Roger was not his first name.  Everyone just called him that.  His full name was Collie Roger McCormack.  He was short, hairy, full of energy, and had a nose as big as a loaf of bread.  Roger was, of course, a dog.  But he wasn’t just any dog.  Roger was the […]